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This report outlines the findings of the recent compliance assessment. It aims to evaluate adherence to the relevant best practices for cyber security management for operational technology in the rail industry and identify areas for improvement.

Assessment Score

Overall Compliance Score:** 68/100

Areas for Improvement

The following areas have been identified as needing improvement to meet our compliance standards fully. Addressing these will enhance our compliance posture and reduce potential risks.


  • Description: Our assessment has revealed that Railco does not provide regular security awareness training to their employees. This is a significant concern as employees are often the weakest link in an organization’s cybersecurity posture. Without proper training, employees may unknowingly click on phishing emails or reveal sensitive information to unauthorized individuals.
  • Recommendation: To address this issue, we recommend that organizations prioritize security awareness training for all employees and provide regular updates to ensure that they are aware of the latest cyber threats.

Area/Issue 2

  • Description: Our assessment has revealed that Railco has unsecured network segments that are accessible to unauthorized individuals. This can lead to the compromise of sensitive information and systems.
  • Recommendation: To address this issue, we recommend that organizations ensure that all network segments are properly secured and that access to sensitive information and systems is restricted to authorized personnel only.

Area/Issue 3

  • Description: Our assessment has found that Railco uses outdated software and systems that are no longer supported by vendors. This can lead to vulnerabilities in the system that can be exploited by cyber criminals
  • Recommendation: To address this issue, we recommend that organizations prioritize software updates and upgrades to ensure that their systems are protected against the latest cyber threats.

What Went Well

This section highlights the areas where compliance standards are met or exceeded, showcasing our strengths and the effectiveness of our current compliance strategies. 1.

Area/Aspect 1

  • Description: Railco’s cybersecurity requirements specification includes a detailed access control policy that outlines the roles and responsibilities of system administrators, users, and external parties. The policy also includes procedures for granting and revoking access to systems and data.
  • Impact: Their comprehensive access control policy and incident response plan have helped to prevent security incidents and minimize the impact of any incidents that do occur.

Area/Aspect 2

  • Description: RailCo has conducted a penetration test on their network to identify potential vulnerabilities. The test identified several vulnerabilities, which were then addressed through the implementation of security patches and configuration changes.
  • Impact: By conducting penetration testing, they have identified and addressed potential vulnerabilities in their systems.


The assessment has highlighted key areas where improvements are needed as well as areas where compliance efforts are successful. Addressing the identified areas for improvement will be crucial in enhancing our overall compliance posture and ensuring that we meet all required standards.